‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ Is Safety Culture Of Henkels & McCoy

Damage Prevention And Safety
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2014, Vol. 69 No. 1

Damage prevention is an integral part of the overall safety program. Qualified safety observers monitor project sites. “Spotters” are required any time a piece of equipment is moved to prevent it striking equipment or people. As with injury incidents, utility strikes and other damage events are reported, investigated, documented and analyzed.

“We rely,” said Mattiford, “on a safety management system using leading and lagging indicators such as coaching observation trends, work site audits, good catches, near miss incidents, corrective action follow-up, total recordable incident rates (TRIR), days away, restricted duty, and transfers (DART) to perform trend analysis and program validation of our safety performance.

“We also focus on the identification and management of root causes where present in the environment, mindsets or safety systems.”

Mattiford said guiding principles that energize the company’s safety culture and set performance expectations are essential. Principles such as observations with coaching, established training objectives, working safely as a condition of employment and promoting safety both at work and at home are critical to the success of a world class safety culture.

Impressive results
From the company’s Executive Safety Council and Regional Safety Steering Teams, to Process Improvement Teams and individual employees, safety represents a value that is interwoven into Henkels & McCoy’s culture and daily practices.

Applying benchmarks previously cited by Mattiford, results of Henkels & McCoy’s commitment are impressive:

• The company’s OSHA recordable rate improved by over 40 percent from 2008-2012, while the DART incident rate improved by more than 60 percent; and
• In January 2013, DuPont Sustainable Solutions presented Henkels & McCoy with its E.I. DuPont Safety Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding achievements during the previous three years. Mattiford said that at the presentation, DuPont representatives emphasized that to their knowledge, no organization outside of DuPont had ever received this award.

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