‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ Is Safety Culture Of Henkels & McCoy

Damage Prevention And Safety
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2014, Vol. 69 No. 1

Sharing its safety experience with others in the power industry, Henkels & McCoy is a charter member of the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Partnership, composed of OSHA, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Edison Electrical Institute (EEI) and other contractors and industry associations working together to reduce worker fatalities, injuries and illnesses in the electrical construction industry. Mattiford said the organization is one of only a few strategic partnerships between employers and OSHA.

Founded in 1923, Henkels & McCoy, Inc. is one of the largest privately held firms providing critical infrastructure for the electric power, renewable energy, communications, natural gas and pipeline and water industries throughout the United States and international locations. The company is based in Blue Bell, PA.

Henkels & McCoy, 1-888-HENKELS, www.henkels.com

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