A ‘Real World’ Process

By Robert Carpenter, Editor | August 2010 Vol. 65 No. 8

By providing topics of significance and relevance, diverse industry partners at UCT will flock to the same room, hearing different perspectives and initiating interactive discussions which, in turn, permit learning to occur not only from presenters, but from each other as well. Vendors also play a significant role by imparting expert advice and unveiling technological solutions to pressing needs.

Different – in a good way (subhed)

Consequently, UCT’s program planning process is different from other industry events. UCT incorporates a series of committees with experts from various backgrounds to contribute their judgments and suggestions into the topical planning. These people are respected industry peers and colleagues.

Here’s how the process works: for example, a sewer committee includes contractors, municipal personnel, consulting engineers and manufacturers. Throughout the course of program development, this committee meets several times (plus much e-mail and telephone work) to brainstorm on everything from case studies to cutting edge technology to critical industry issues. The committee also reviews and accepts/rejects a large number of submissions from interested industry parties.

Finally, a program is developed and then begins the work of paring down the material to the most pressing topics for this year. It is a long and sometimes tedious process, repeated several times by different committees and industry advisors for a dozen market niches, but when the work is completed, it represents the most relevant and potentially rewarding informational and educational program available on an annual basis.

The UCT committees don’t wait for the program abstracts to be sent to them; rather, they aggressively seek the most relevant topics, most critical issues, newest technologies, best speakers and then package into a program of the highest interest and benefits.

With that said, I’m proud to announce the completion of the 2011 UCT Educational Program which will be posted on our website, www.uctonline.com by early September with a printed program to follow. UCT registration is also now available on the website as well.

To be sure, it’s an ambitious and complex program but one that all our experts and committees are very proud of. In these difficult times, the UCT Educational Program will provide the most “real world” information and benefits available across the industry.

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