“Breeze” Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine Introduced

September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9

General Machine Products Company Inc. will introduce its Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine (Breeze) at the 2009 Fiber-To-The-Home Conference & Expo, Houston, TX, Sept. 27-Oct. 1.

Designed to meet the growing need for micro cable installation, the Breeze’s compact size and portable maneuverability makes it ideally suited for external or internal use. It can move micro fiber cable of 0.1 to 0.315 inch diameter at speeds up to 164 feet/minute into pre-installed micro duct. It is also compatible with micro duct O.D. from 0.197 to 0.629 inches.

The Breeze consists of lightweight aluminum housing and uses compressed air to install the cable. An electrically powered, two-roller drive system controls the cable, as it is propelled by compressed air into the duct. The Breeze also has an electronic monitoring system that provides read-outs of speed and distance, as well an auto-stop if a cable hits an obstruction and includes an emergency stop facility. 215.357.5500, www.gmptools.com/nf/89010.htm