20 Years And Still Rocking

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | August 2013, Vol. 68 No. 8

“They wanted us back in the oil field, but with Jim’s background in directional drilling, Frank’s in geology and mine in business, we decided to strike out on our own,” recalls Lane. “When we realized HDD wasn’t a big piece of the pie for Smith, we voted with our hearts, minds, feet and finances to form our own business. We were excited about this new industry and could see a niche that needed filling. We each had a different expertise we could bring to the table and mold in to one company.”

Evolution of a company
And just like the industry, INROCK has come a long way in 20 years. The ability to invest in the right people and staying true to their core HDD business by offering proprietary product diversity in varied geographical areas, are key reasons the company continues to flourish, says Lane. “As we started each company, we brought together the experts in the industry under our umbrella who have helped us build the company. Our employees have been with us a long time and are recognized around the world in the HDD market, almost since its founding. We’ve grown up with the industry’s decision makers, especially in the large rig sizes where we’ve had our focus.”


As an innovator of drilling products, INROCK sees the potential for expanding its geographical footprint to capture new inroads on a global scale. They employ approximately 60 employees worldwide of whom about 65 percent are located in North America and 35 percent internationally. INROCK’s revenue is split about 50-50 between the U.S. and international companies. Lane comments that this type of mix is welcome because “it allows the company to have global diversity in multiple end markets which can help our revenue grow when one market is rising and another may be down.”