20 Years And Still Rocking

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | August 2013, Vol. 68 No. 8

Highlights of INROCK’s remarkable growth include:
• 1993: INROCK Drilling Systems Inc. is launched and quickly establishes its place in the HDD drilling business by pioneering rock steerability and reaming of HDD.
• 1997: INROCK UK is created to reach a more global market. David Lewis, director, joins INROCK. INROCK Guidance Systems Inc., expanding the company into the guidance systems arena where it operated from the UK location.
• 1999: Acquired manufacturing company, Drillers Supply Inc. Sells the water well and mining business concern to the previous owners and retools the manufacturing facility to build products exclusively for the HDD market. With this acquisition, the company goes from being strictly a supplier to manufacturing most of their products in house. For more consistent company brand recognition, it is later renamed INROCK Manufacturing. INROCK Canada is established.
• 2004: Opened INROCK Latin America sales office in Monterey, Mexico.

Staying true to their core
From the start, INROCK was an innovator. The company pioneered accurate rock steering ability and large reaming passes on the first rock drilling projects ever attempted in the HDD industry and continues directing its resources on setting the standards of HDD performance drilling tools, equipment and services.

INROCK partnered with Vector Magnetics’ HDD steering tool systems providing ParaTrack equipment sales, rental, service and support. ParaTrack has broadened the scope of feasible HDD projects with the advent of intersects, BTS-Beacon Tracking System, pressure monitoring, ABIA, single conductor wire and parallel tracking applications. The system is used for boring two pilot holes from opposite sides, intersecting in the middle. Depth, horizontal distance and deviation from a predetermined course are computed at the surface with the data received from the downhole steering tool. This process can facilitate much longer bores and dramatically extend HDD options for many distance-challenging projects.

Based on the merits of rock drilling, the company introduced and is the sole supplier of hard rock HDX bit and reamer cutting technology as well having designed a proprietary XTR – Extreme Reamer reaming platform. It is the only reaming platform capable of utilizing XTR soft rock milled tooth (MT), XTR medium hard rock and HDX premium hard rock cutters on the same reamer body.

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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