20 Years And Still Rocking

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | August 2013, Vol. 68 No. 8

A full suite of drilling tools and accessories supplied and manufactured by INROCK include XTM mud motors, drill bits, makeup breakout tongs, non-magnetic drill collars, crossover subs, jet subs, fly cutters, barrel reamers, hole openers, swivels and more.

A more recent addition to their product line is DrilData, INROCK’s proprietary performance drilling electronic data recording and information gathering and communication technology. It includes an HDDC utility services program to standardize the HDD industry’s recording and data reporting language.

“Guided by the oil and gas industry’s use of a similar measuring tool for standard reporting and safety and performance reasons, we designed our DrilData from scratch using HDD nomenclature and drilling parameters so the system is more compact and more compatible with HDD capabilities,” says Lane.

He adds that DrilData brings new technology to clients, engineering and inspection firms, and contractors that can save them time and money. Critical operating parameters are gathered, recorded and graphically displayed. The client can then evaluate the data and make decisive decisions in drilling performance, both of the pilot hole and reaming passes. Data can be uploaded to a secure web site for real time viewing simultaneously at multiple locations.

“A contractor can be in the middle of nowhere,” explains Lane, “basically anywhere in the world, and we can set him up with the DrilData system to record information that is critical for drilling such as mud volume, rotary torque, thrust/pullback force, etcetera. The operator can concentrate on drilling tasks without overlooking established safety parameters or drilling requirements as he relays this information in real time to the in-cab, touch-screen computer.”

Proactive vision, singular focus
Through the years, the company also has expanded its product offerings centered on customer needs. “Customer feedback is invaluable in helping us push the envelope with our products; we believe in being proactive, not reactive to the industry,” remarks Lane.

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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