20 Years And Still Rocking

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | August 2013, Vol. 68 No. 8

He goes on to explain their visionary approach in respect to product development. “INROCK pioneered larger pilot hole drilling and larger reaming passes in rock were required. Originally bore holes had to be reamed in smaller multiple passes requiring more time and tools, but using our technology and products that number has been reduced by a factor of 50 percent. Not only has this increased the opportunity for the contactor to be successful on the bore, but it allows engineering companies and client companies the ability to perform longer, larger bores expanding HDD applications, which in turn is good for everybody,” says Lane.

Not satisfied with just designing and supplying the HDD market with their products, INROCK’s vision included manufacturing all of their products themselves. “We have a hands-on approach from the beginning to the end of each product which sets us apart from our competitors,” says Lane. “We’re the only company that manufactures our products in house. It pays good dividends because it allows us to have proprietary products throughout our manufacturing process and it gives us better control over our destiny from the standpoint of product design and launch, who our suppliers are, from acquiring the raw materials to creating the finished product.”

Another key to the long-term success of INROCK is its commitment to the HDD market and only the HDD market. “We attribute that success to our singular focus on horizontal drilling,” says Lane. “We haven’t gone into the oil and gas market, even though some of our products have crossover capabilities. Early on we decided to chase our dreams in the HDD market and we never deviated from that plan. I think that’s why it’s helped us make decisions to invest in our manufacturing infrastructure and global locations around the world; it’s what sets up apart from competitors.”

Training to succeed

The company’s commitment to training is another key factor to the success of INROCK, which prides itself on giving their customers a level of comfort using their expertise gained in the field. “We offer an onsite training program to assist an operator in learning to bore rock, and how to bid on a prospective job with a suggested time/cost estimate based on operator input such as length of bore, hardness and type of rock and equipment resources,” says Lane. “New customers are also given product support and we show them how to service and repair our tools. INROCK can be reached anytime, anywhere for seamless global support 24/7.”

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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