2010 Large Directional Drilling Rig Census

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

Direct Horizontal Drilling
PO Box 4027
Spruce Grove, AB
Canada T7X 3B2
Tel: (780) 960-6037
Fax: (780) 960-6038
Web: www.directhorizontal.com
E-mail: donship@directhorizontal.com
Contact: Don Shipalesky
2 rigs offering over 150,000-lbs. pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 48 in.
Maximum Pullback: 330,000 lbs.
Maximum Torque: 48,000 ft./lbs.

Distribution Construction Co.
PO Box 16207
Greensboro, NC 27416
Tel: (336) 294-9487
Fax: (336) 854-8909
Web: www.distributionconstruction.com
E-mail: dcco@dccogso.com
Contact: Chuck Fox
3 rigs offering over 100,000-lbs. pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 30 in.
Maximum Pullback: 220,000 lbs.
Member of DCA and PCCA.

Drilex Systems
2001 Rankin Rd.
Houston, TX 77073
Tel: (800) 421-2056
Fax: (713) 849-4369
Contact: Steve Scheffer
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 36 in.
Maximum Pullback: 140,000 lbs.
Maximum Torque: 24,000 ft./lbs.
Horizontal directional drilling and engineering firm. Specially designed fluids control system and extensive experience with downhole drilling motors allows Drilex to successfully complete crossings through rock and other formations.

Drilled Crossings
389 Highway 31
Arnaudville, LA 70512
Tel: (337) 754-7802
Fax: (337) 754-7804
1 rig offering over 100,000-lbs. pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 60 in.
Maximum Pullback: 500,000 lbs.
Maximum Torque: 80,000 ft./lbs.
The oldest, continually operating international company in the industry, Drilled Crossings has installed directionally drilled pipeline crossings in soft and hard rock conditions throughout the U.S. and abroad.