2012 Large Directional Drilling Rig Census

By Traci Read, Managing Editor | November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

Underground Construction’s 2012 census of large horizontal directional
drilling contractors is an effective tool when selecting the right size of drill rig to fit specific project needs in managing a successful HDD operation.

When horizontal directional drilling (HDD) professionals discuss the size of an HDD rig, they usually refer to the maximum pullback force the unit can develop. The most common industry standard for a large directional drilling unit is defined as having a minimum of 100,000 pounds of pullback force.

In addition to pullback, the most common specifications used to categorize
HDD equipment are rotary torque of drill stem, rotation speed and the size of drill pipe.

A&L Underground
8375 Melrose Dr.
Lenexa, KS 66214-1629
p: (913) 438-2981
f: (913) 438-3815
w: www.alunderground.com
e: terryw@alunderground.com
Contact: Terry Williamson
5 rigs offering over 100,000-lbs pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 42 in
Maximum Pullback: 500,000 lbs
Maximum Torque: 85,000 ft/lbs
Horizontal environmental potable water and soil
characterization wells. Utility, pipeline and telecommunication groundwater pipe installation. Rock and coral drilling.

ARB Inc.
26000 Commercentre Dr.
Lake Forest, CA 92630
p: (949) 598-9242
f: (949) 595-5526
w: www.arbinc.com
e: jparrish@arbinc.com
Contact: Jody Parrish
6 rigs offering over 100,000-lbs pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 60 in
Maximum Pullback: 750,000 lbs
Maximum Torque: 92,000 in ft/lbs
ARB Inc. is a full service pipeline contractor performing all aspects of HDD including drilling services, pipe fabrication and tie-ins from Alaska to South America.

Badger Drilling LLC
602 Lorn Ct.
Orange Park, FL 32073
p: (904) 272-2221
f: (904) 276-1272
Contact: Leonard Nicks
1 rig offering over 100,000-lbs. pullback
Maximum Pipe Diameter: 30 in.
Maximum Pullback: 180,000 lbs.
Maximum Torque: 30,000 ft./lbs.
Eleven years of experience primarily in Florida and neighboring states. We never fail.