Abundant Natural Gas Drives Operators To Liquids Shale Plays

By Rita Tubb, Executive Editor | June 2012, Vol. 67 No. 6

J. Mario Rivera, Energy Transfer Partners’ senior vice president, commercial operations, shared the accompanying slide with attendees. It lists the company’s gas pipeline and processing facilities with completion dates into 2013.

Marc Rothbauer, director of operations support, Atmos Energy, focused on the company’s steel service line replacement of distribution service lines.

Rothbauer said the decision to tackle the replacement project came at a time when a lot of distribution integrity management activities were going on.

He said, “After a lot of conversations and data evaluation we looked at where our problems were and it pointed to steel service lines. Those assets had been in the ground for many, many years and had served us well. Nevertheless, a decision was made to move forward with the goal being to replace 100,000 service lines from the main to the customer’s meter.”

After Atmos confirmed exactly where all the service lines were located throughout their system, the project kicked off in March 2010. Today, there are a total of 10 contractors and 117 three-man crews working in 18 different cities to complete the project. Rothbauer said the target completion date for the project is September 2012.

Also, Spectra Energy’s Elie Atme, director, Northwest Business and Development, overviewed the company’s expansion opportunities in the 2014-2017 time frame.

Conference attendees can access the slide on the Pipeline Opportunities website. www.pipelineopportunities.com/