ALLU Screener Crusher Bucket Wins Project For Carstensen Contracting

October 2013, Vol. 68 No. 10
Carstensen Contracting using their ALLU Screener Crusher bucket to help lower the pipe into the trench for placement.

Carstensen Contracting brought in a dozer equipped with 66-inch teeth to rip up the rocky ground, followed by a backhoe, which dug out the actual trench. The ALLU Screener Crusher bucket followed to screen and crush the existing soil and place it back into the bottom of the trench as bedding on which to lay the pipe. The pipe was then set in place by a loader and covered with an additional eight to 10 inches of existing material that had also been screened and crushed. Though the screener crusher bucket didn’t get rid of the rock completely, it produced a smaller gradation so that none of the pieces were large enough to harm the pipe. The existing material left over was then used for the backfill, with the larger pieces being placed on top.

Carstensen originally purchased only one bucket, but while working on the Oklahoma project they were so impressed with the first one that they bought two more, and a subcontractor rented another one for a total of four on site.

“ALLU’s customer service has been incredible,” Carstensen says. “The integrity of the company and its representatives is what sold us on the bucket. They are there to take care of us – the customer. A representative was on site for four or five days making sure the bucket was going to work for us. We never had a glitch. It worked exactly the way the company said it would and has kept going to this day.”

“This project will be completed by early fall 2013, but we plan to use the buckets in future applications,” Carstensen says. “Our production is better than anticipated because of the buckets, which is great.”

“When we bid the project,” Carstensen adds, “one of our competitors asked me to share the information I had given the engineer about the ALLU bucket. I did, and a couple days later he had one. The ALLU bucket has made quite an impact in Broken Bow, OK.”


ALLU Group Inc., (800) 939-2558,
Carstensen Contracting, (507) 825-2026,

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