Amarillo Project Attests To Renewed Interest In Swagelining

July 2011, Vol. 66 No. 7
During the Swagelining process, the PE pipe is pulled through a reduction die to temporarily reduce its diameter.

The actual Swagelining installation of each 1,000-foot pull took less than one day.

Both pulls were completed without incident and averaged around 3.5 hours. After the installation, the main was filled with water and pressure tested. AWWA chlorination standards were then performed and final restoration of launch/receive pits was completed.

Mayer said, “The equipment pulled with ease as only about 70 tons of pull back was required for each installation. The Grundoburst unit provided constant tension, which means the rods were locked in place at all times, which was important if we had needed to stop a pull for any reason. The equipment ran smooth the entire time.”

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