APCA Convention Reflects Continued Market Confidence

May 2011, Vol. 66 No. 5
Dick Morris

At the convention’s wrap-up banquet, the guest speaker was well-known political consultant/analyst Dick Morris. He worked with former President Bill Clinton for 20 years and is currently serving as an advisor to the Republican Party. He is a regular contributor to Fox News and has published eight best-selling books. Morris entertained the crowd with his perspective on the national political situation, recession, debt dilemma and leadership.

In differentiating between the political perspectives of Presidents Clinton and Obama, Morris said “Bill Clinton believed in the private enterprise system; Obama does not.” Another observation from Morris that drew a large ovation from the audience was “there is only one tax that doesn’t hurt the country – and that’s a tax cut.”

Morris also criticized the action of the National Labor Relations Board, declaring “we’ve got to stop the NLRB from industrial tyranny.”

The APCA Mid-Year Meeting will be held Sept. 8 - 10, at Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel Valley, CA. The 2012 annual convention has not yet been finalized but is tentatively scheduled for March in Southwest Florida.

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