APCA Holds 38th Annual Convention In Scottsdale

May 2009 Vol. 64 No. 5
J.D. Lormand, APCA executive director, Sean Sullivan, 2008 APCA president and Rich Hoffman, INGAA Foundation executive director.

A record registration of 176 attendees marked the American Pipeline Contractors Association’s 38th Annual Convention at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Gainey Ranch Resort, Scottsdale, AZ.

The hotel provided a spectacular setting for the various business meetings and social functions.

Speakers included Greg Guidry, Onebane Law Firm, who spoke to regular members on the proposed card check legislation pending in Congress and its implications.

Rich Hoffman, executive director of the INGAA (Interstate Natural Gas Association of America) Foundation gave an overview of the organization’s mission, which includes being the research arm of INGAA, promotion of the advanced use of natural gas for the benefit of the environment and consuming public, and to facilitate efficient construction and safe, reliable operation of the North American natural gas pipeline system.

Some of the INGAA Foundation’s objectives include:

  • Removing impediments to construction and operation of pipelines;
  • Enhance the public’s perception of natural gas pipelines as safe, reliable and the environmentally preferred form of energy transportation;
  • Develop data to support INGAA’s influence on legislation and regulation at the national and state levels; and
  • For members to be better informed advocates and to facilitate communication.

The INGAA Foundation currently has studies under way covering:

  • Natural Gas Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure Projections Through 2030;
  • The Evolution of the Interstate Natural Gas Facility Approval Process;
  • Natural Gas – A Key to Climate Change;
  • Permit Program for MBTA Take;
  • Workforce: Knowledge Transition; and
  • Agency Education & Stakeholder Outreach

They are also developing guidelines for parallel construction of pipelines.

Workshops are also part of the Foundation’s program and this year they have conducted meetings on safety, building interstate pipelines – continuous improvement (QA/QC) and a PHMSA workshop.

APCA 2008 President Sean Sullivan of Elkhorn Construction, Evanston, WY, discussed cognitive dissonance and its relationship to safety. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological conflict resulting from simultaneously holding differing beliefs. For example, having a fondness for smoking while at the same time holding the belief that it is harmful.

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