APCA Holds 38th Annual Convention In Scottsdale

May 2009 Vol. 64 No. 5
J.D. Lormand, APCA executive director, Sean Sullivan, 2008 APCA president and Rich Hoffman, INGAA Foundation executive director.

Cognitive dissonance plays out in the workplace the same way. An example might be a spotter for a large equipment operator. He overlooks a situation that he believes to be unsafe as he does not want to appear overzealous in front of his peers who might consider the situation to be ‘minor.’ His belief will then be validated if no accident occurs. If one does, he will seek to justify his action by placing blame elsewhere. In relation to safety, it becomes doing a task that we know is not the safest manner, but going ahead and doing it that way to complete it.

Sullivan stressed that the pipeline industry needs to overcome this tendency by forming good habits that accompany our beliefs. When people are observed doing things the right way, they should receive a pat on the back. But when something is done the wrong way, you need to intervene and point out the correct procedure.

Officers and directors

Officers elected for 2009 were: Pat Simpson, president, Sterling Construction Co., Sterling, CO; Wayne Stringer, vice president, Ranger Plant Construction Co. Inc., Abilene, TX; Kevin Cater, 2nd Vice President, Willbros Construction (US); and Bruce Gilliland, secretary/treasurer. J.D. Lormand remains as executive director at the association’s office in Lafayette, LA.

Other directors are: David Dacus, Troy Construction Inc., Houston, TX; Randy Farrar, Farrar Construction Inc., Dover, OK; Max Nichols, Jomax Construction Co. Inc., Great Bend, KS; Mark O’Roke, Sunland Construction Inc., Eunice, LA; Bill Schettine, Meridien Energy, Falconer, NY; James Driver, Driver Pipeline Company Inc., Dallas, TX; John Fluharty, Mears Group Inc., Rosebush, MI; and Sean Sullivan, Elkhorn Construction, Evanston, WY.

The associate member board consists of: Scott Jeter, president, Pipe Line Machinery International, Houston, TX; Joe Trapani, vice president, Caterpillar, Houston, TX; John Graham, secretary/treasurer, Pipeline Inspection Co., Houston, TX; Carl & Sonnie Raffety, convention chairpersons, PipeLine Machinery International, Houston, TX; and Bobby Darby, Darby Equipment, Inc., Tulsa, OK, as golf chairperson.

Next year’s annual meeting is scheduled for March 3-7 in San Juan, PR.

APCA: J.D. Lormand, (337) 989 8672, www.americanpipeline.org, or Pat Simpson at (970) 522 1063.
INGAA Foundation: Rich Hoffman, (202) 216 5909, rhoffmann@ingaa.org.

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