APCA Holds 39th Annual Convention

Another Record Turnout in San Juan
May 2010 Vol. 65 No. 5
New 2010 APCA President, Wayne Stringer and his wife Kathy of Troy Construction, Inc.

“We have an administration that literally hates the way, and is at war with the way, this country was constituted. They are at war with capitalism and the free market system. They are at war with private property rights. They are Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) radicals, the weather underground radicals, the Black Panther radicals from the sixties that have taken over the legislative and executive branches of the government. Their methods have changed, their message has not. It’s only been couched in gentler terms of social justice, fairness, living wages, etc.

Simpson continued, “I know it’s difficult to hear it, and seems impossible to believe, but what we have going on in Washington now is the willful destruction of the American economy as we know it, and make no mistake about it, it is purposeful. Some members of this administration have described it as ‘managing the nation’s decline.’

“This next election is crucial for the future of this country, for your children, for your grand children, and for every generation to come. Everyone has to decide, is this going to be a dynamic growing free market, freedom loving country, or a mediocre, has-been, declining socialist democracy in the model of failed European states?

Simpson closed by stating “I can’t stress enough the importance of getting involved, doing the research, educating yourself on these matters, making the hard choices, and doing what we can as an organization and as individuals to make sure this country remains the richest, freest nation in the history of mankind.”

New officers, directors
Officers elected for 2010 are: Wayne Stringer, president, Troy Construction Inc., Abilene, TX; Kevin Cater, vice president, Ledcor Pipeline, Houston; 2nd vice president, John Fluharty, Mears Group Inc., Rosebush, MI; and Bruce Gilliland, retired pipeliner, secretary/treasurer. J.D. Lormand remains as executive director at the association’s office in Lafayette, LA.

Other directors are: Pat Simpson, Sterling Construction Co., Sterling, CO; David Dacus, Troy Construction Inc., Houston; Randy Farrar, Farrar Construction Inc., Dover, OK; Max Nichols, Jomax Construction Co. Inc., Great Bend, KS; Mark O’Roke, Sunland Construction Inc., Eunice, LA; Bill Schettine, Meridien Energy LLC, Falconer, NY; James Driver, Driver Pipeline Company Inc., Dallas; and Sean Sullivan, Elkhorn Construction, Evanston, WY.

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