APCA Holds 41st Annual Convention, Elects Ricky Dyess President

April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4
2012 APCA associates member board.

Another record registration of 209 attendees marked the American Pipeline Contractors Association’s 41st Annual Convention at The Cloister Resort & Spa in Sea Island, GA.

Speakers included Greg Guidry, of the Onebane Law Firm, who spoke to regular members on the legislative environment in Washington, especially on the labor front. Other speakers included Mark Bridgers of the Continuum Advisory Group, Jim Spigener, of Behavioral Science Technology Inc. and Sid McAnnally with Energen Corporation in Birmingham, AL.

Bridgers’ presentation focused on American competitiveness and the drivers affecting the overall utility construction industry. He forecast a bright future for the industry. Spigener addressed safety and the culture that must be created within each company. McAnnally talked about ANGA and its lobbying efforts on behalf of the natural gas industry.

Jim Angle of Fox News was the featured banquet speaker. He was preceded by outgoing APCA President John Fluharty of Mears Group Inc. Fluharty addressed the current political situation and the future of APCA.

Outgoing 2011 APCA President John Fluharty and his wife, Coquette, of Mears.

“We’ve pretty well bashed the current administration to death of the last four to 5 years, so I want to focus on what our speaker Mark Bridgers pointed out the other morning and what a competitive nation we are,” Fluharty said. “We have all the natural resources, the infrastructure and everything we need to be a continual great nation and be successful, and we really need to get behind the politicians who will help us. We need to be involved at the local level and all the way to the top and be sure we are supporting those candidates that will help our industry grow.”

Regarding APCA, he commented, “We transport great products that our country needs. We have a growing reserve base that will help us be more self-sufficient as time goes by. Natural gas is the right product at the right time. It truly is the green product of our nation for energy independence.” Fluharty echoed the comment that that if everyone in the energy business would convert as many of their vehicles as possible to natural gas, it would consume an additional Bcf/d.

Fluharty went on to mention the rehabilitation market, driven by the regulatory environment, as another market driver.

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