April Rehab News: Insituform Awarded $6.7M Contracts, Proactive Sliplining and Robots to Rescue of Aging Pipes

April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4

Insituform awarded domestic, international contracts
Slipline fits in proactive approach
Robots to help repair aging water pipes

Insituform awarded domestic, international contracts
Insituform Technologies Inc. has been awarded $6.7 million in sewer pipe rehabilitation work for Pell City, AL, which has used a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to award the largest CIPP project in Pell City’s history to Insituform. Under this contract, Insituform will rehabilitate approximately 115,000 feet of sewer pipelines in residential and rural areas. This contract also marks the first time Insituform has worked with Pell City.

Insituform cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) will be used to eliminate inflow and infiltration on the 25-year old small- to medium-diameter sanitary sewers. Work on this project was expected to begin in February 2010 and take approximately one year to complete.

On the international front, Insituform’s Singapore subsidiary, Insitu Envirotech has been awarded four contracts totaling $18.5 million. Under the contracts, Insituform will perform work for the Public Utility Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water agency, and rehabilitate approximately 50 miles of sewer pipeline though the use of the Insituform CIPP process. Insituform also announced it has received an additional $1.4 million in orders to supply CIPP tube to third parties in Singapore.

In 2009, PUB, Singapore’s publicly-owned water utility, began work on a multi-year $295 million rehabilitation program. This rehabilitation program is expected to be completed in 2014 and will upgrade over 700 miles of public sewers and 30 miles of pumping mains. PUB serves a population of over 4.5 million Singaporeans. These contracts are part of PUB’s ongoing rehabilitation program.

The iPlus Infusion system for small-diameter wastewater pipelines and the iPlus Composite system for medium- to large-diameter wastewater pipelines will be used for the first time in Singapore on this project. These next-generation CIPP solutions provide PUB with an environmentally beneficial solution. Insituform plans to utilize its air invert steam cure (AISC) technology to complete this project, which will reduce water and energy usage on the job site by approximately 95 percent.

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