April Rehab News: Insituform Awarded $6.7M Contracts, Proactive Sliplining and Robots to Rescue of Aging Pipes

April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4

Insituform expects this project will create 45 new positions including laborers, field management and administrative personnel in Singapore. In addition, locally-owned subcontractors will be used to complete work on this project, which was expected to begin in March 2010 and be completed by December 2011.

Slipline fits in proactive approach
By acting before a problem became an emergency, planners in Hamilton Township, NJ, took a proactive approach to rehabilitating an existing sanitary sewer pipeline showing signs of deterioration in its crown. The 72-inch diameter reinforced concrete influent pipeline passed underneath Interstate I-195 and the Township needed to keep the line in use during the necessary construction work. Since there was no practical way to bypass the flow, sliplining the pipe under flow conditions was the chosen installation method.

The slipline utilized in the Hamilton Township Treatment Plant Headworks Rehab
Project, Final Phase, consisted of 330 linear feet of 66-inch diameter Flowtite fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe with inherent wall-to-wall non-corrosive properties. Pipes were delivered in 10-foot lengths for this gravity application. The pipes were unique in that each section was fitted with four 4-inch by 8-inch laminated skids, spaced 12 inches apart, in order to assist the contractor during installation. Flowtite is manufactured by US Composite Pipe South, Zachary, LA.

“These skids helped with the alignment of the bell and spigot during the joint connection process,” stated Richard Palmer, P.E., tunneling manager for Northeast Remsco Construction Inc., of Farmingdale, NJ. “The skids also kept the coupling from scraping along the bottom of the host pipe during installation, avoiding potential damage to the coupling.

“The preparation and cleaning of the host pipe was probably the most challenging part of the project. After providing mechanical ventilation, we used a combination of jet/vac cleaning and manned entry/clean-by-hand methods to extract the debris and verify that we had adequately cleaned the entire length of the host pipe prior to inserting the Flowtite pipe.”

He continued that all were pleased with the performance of the Flowtite pipe and that delivery of the 33 10-foot pieces, along with a 66 inch by 36 inch Flowtite tee base fitting, was timely and according to schedule.

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