Ariaratnam Poised To Take ISTT To Next Level

By Traci Read, Senior Editor | March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

Dr. Ariaratnam explained that in some of the less developed countries where water and sewer are critical elements, being able to bring trenchless technologies and the expertise of leaders in their field to them can help boost their economy and livelihood. “What we take for granted, simply turning on a tap and expecting clean water to come out or flushing a toilet and expecting it to work, are lacking in many regions of the world. From a societal perspective, I think it is important to build capacity in these countries and help train their people how best to do that using trenchless technologies.

“Of course, changing governments will always be a hurdle we have to overcome. For example, as ISTT begins to foster relationships in new areas, a favorable government may have a change in leaders and then we have to start the process all over again. We have a finite amount of time to move into some of these areas on the international scene. Working within the ISTT gives me a good link to governments and their agencies since I’m representing the international society to advance trenchless technology.”

When asked how he plans to achieve these goals, Dr. Ariaratnam says, “I want to work more closely with the ISTT’s Executive Sub-Committee to bring these technologies to the communities in the Affiliated Societies to reach our goals. Collaborating with groups like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the International Water Association will help us leverage our reach in communities that are in the most need.”

Attending the 29th International NO DIG is an ideal place for people to learn about new trenchless products and technologies, all in a new cultural arena, according to Dr. Ariaratnam. The world congress and exhibition on trenchless technology will be held in Berlin, Germany on May 2-5, 2011. “One of my mandates as chairman will be a more global vision for ISTT. By taking the venue out of a strictly European market and moving the convention to different countries, we will be able to reach more people worldwide,” explains Dr. Ariaratnam. “This past year, ISTT NO DIG was held in the Asia Pacific region; this year we’ll be in Europe, and then we travel to the Americas in Sao Paulo, Brazil before returning to the Asia Pacific in Sidney, Australia. The international show is a great way to be a part of the global arena.”

ISTT was established in 1986 with the following objectives:
• To advance the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public benefit, and
• To promote education, training, study and research in that science and practice.

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