ASCE International Pipelines & Trenchless Technology Conference Held in Shanghai

January 2010 Vol. 65 No. 1

This collaboration began approximately three years ago when Dr. Baosong Ma, a professor at the China University of Geosciences – Wuhan and Vice Director of China U.S. Joint Center for Trenchless Research & Development (CTRD), presented a proposal to the Pipeline Division to sponsor such a conference. This effort was a result of Chinese participation in past annual Pipeline Division conference technical programs with their supporting educational and social activities. The Chinese delegation felt this was a good model to emulate for ICPTT and wanted to collaborate with the ASCE Pipeline Division to create a pipeline and trenchless technology conference in China.

Dr. Tom Iseley of IUPUI Purdue School of Engineering & Technology and Michael Stift, director of engineering at the San Diego County Water Authority, both former Pipeline Division chairs, and the Pipeline Division’s current past chair, Dr. Mohammed Najafi of the University of Texas at Arlington and director of CUIRE, volunteered efforts to support this event with their Chinese counterpart. Ma and Najafi organized the conference and were ICPTT technical program coordinators.

Stift and Ma hosted the opening of ICPTT and the 41 exhibitors. “A friendship and collaboration was realized between the Chinese hosting organizations and the ASCE Pipeline Division. The Division had similar beginnings to ICPTT and now has conferences every year. Through the dedication of our volunteers on seven technical committees, the Pipeline Division has published 47 manuals of professional practice on various aspects of pipeline engineering available through the ASCE website,” said Najafi in his welcome presentation.

Najafi also introduced the launch of the Pipeline Division’s new quarterly Journal of Pipeline Systems (JPS) in early 2010 and requested submission of possible Journal papers from ICPTT participants. It is expected that ICPTT 2009 will be the start of a long term relationship between ASCE Pipeline Division and the Chinese organizations, said Najafi.

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