ASCE International Pipelines & Trenchless Technology Conference Held in Shanghai

January 2010 Vol. 65 No. 1

The highlight of the Plenary Session was a presentation by Professor Shi Xingquan, former vice president of China Petroleum Company and general director of the first 2,500 miles West East Natural Gas Transmission Project that was completed in 2008, along with a presentation by Dr. Iseley on Trenchless Technology: Tools for Achieving Underground Infrastructure Management Excellence. Professor Xingquan talked about the difficulties, challenges, achievements and experiences from the first and second unique West East Natural Gas Transmission Projects. Dr. Iseley gave an overview of the methods, equipment and materials utilized to install new or renew/repair existing underground utility/communication systems that minimize disruptions and destruction to society and/or the environment by minimizing open excavation.

The technical program was a balance of pipeline oil/gas and water/sewer related scientific and practice presentations focusing on asset management, geographic information systems, corrosion analysis, planning, design, and construction, hazard inspection, inspection and risk management. “The evolution of trenchless products, processes, projects and critical infrastructure issues were a highlight of the many speakers” said Najafi.

“Networking in one place with peers from all over the world in Shanghai, where the number of construction cranes seems to outweigh those in the rest of the world, was fantastic for business marketing and project outreach, as well as keeping up with cutting edge technical advances,” added Stift.

All-around success
Ma was especially pleased with the success of the conference social program, Shanghai Nights. The daily focus was on the technical programs and business, so the early evening cruise on the Captain’s Ferry along the Pujiang River featuring Chinese folk music, set to the brilliantly lighted Shanghai skyline, was just an awe-inspiring break. “The ICPTT allowed the pipeline and trenchless industries to see how forward thinking China is and the rate of growth the country is experiencing as we move forward to a better quality of life,” said Ma.

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