ASCE International Pipelines & Trenchless Technology Conference Held in Shanghai

January 2010 Vol. 65 No. 1

The conference started on Oct. 19, with two technical workshops consisting of two sessions; one on New Pipeline and Trenchless Technology Advances and the second on Pipeline Rehabilitation. More than 150 pipeline professionals from all over the world attended these workshops to hear a number of instructors present on these two important topics. Before and after the conference, ASCE Pipeline Division delegates visited two leading manufacturers of HDD drills in China, Drillto and Gudeng, and also the Shanghai Letong Pipeline Engineering Co. Ltd. The visitors were all very impressed on these companies’ rapid development, high quality products and services.

ICPTT Proceedings were published through the ASCE Publications and are available from ASCE Pipeline Division Website at

With the success of this first ICPTT, planning has already begun for a second conference to be held in two years in either Beijing or Shanghai. Ma said “A proposal to collaborate on a 2011 conference in China with the Pipeline Division is in the works due to the highly successful 2009 ICPTT. All our projections were exceeded and we can only thank the ASCE Pipeline Division for their help and participation. Now we will grow the ICPTT from this first conference and look forward to future ventures together with our friends in the ASCE Pipeline Division.”