Association’s New Name Better Reflects Its Role

GCTA Changes to Underground Construction Technology Association
By Traci Read, Senior Editor | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
The officers of the UCTA for 2010.

The Gulf Coast Trenchless Association has launched a new name to better reflect the association’s role within the underground construction industry.

Now known as the Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA), the group has long been at the forefront of educating its members situated in the Gulf Coast region in all methods of trenchless applications.

Association officials say this name change was a strategic decision to broaden the scope and services of the trade association into all aspects of underground construction, generating additional support from the national level.

“We believe the name change will appeal to a larger membership group in other regions that will provide a broader network among engineers, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, owner/operators and academia,” said Vision Committee Chairperson Rod McCrary, P.E., vice president - U.S. Southwest and Mountain Region for AECOM.

“The founding mission and purpose for the association has been achieved; however we need to move forward in order to grow and expand both geographically and in scope,” McCrary explained. “Clearly the name change to Underground Construction Technology Association will allow the organization to expand from the Gulf Coast area into other regions and to share our expertise in all methods of underground construction in addition to the trenchless applications.”

Founded in May 1992, the UCTA is a nonprofit organization now entering its 18th year of operation. UCTA has grown from the original 12 members to nearly 50 corporate sponsors. The largely volunteer group maintains its operations through time contributions.

“The association was originally formed as a result of the Greater Houston Wastewater Program when tunneling contractors needed a forum to collaborate on means and methods as well as the latest technology for trenchless installation for sanitary sewer lines,” said McCrary. “UCTA’s new purpose will be to fulfill the role of the governing nonprofit organization that will facilitate local chapters in other metropolitan areas to service the needs of the underground construction community.”

Instrumental in establishing a new association name and mission, former UCTA President Patrick L. Mann, chief operating officer, Magnum Tunneling LLC, went on to explain that, “while the intent of the new UCTA is to expand to regional chapters, there has not been any timetable set for this expansion nor are there any concrete plans for locations and/or chapters.”

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