Association’s New Name Better Reflects Its Role

GCTA Changes to Underground Construction Technology Association
By Traci Read, Senior Editor | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
The officers of the UCTA for 2010.

The process to change the name began more than one year ago in December 2008 with the convening of an ad-hoc committee of former board members. After extensive discussion by the board of directors, the association received approval for the name change in April 2009. According to Mann, the complete branding package is still under development, and is expected to be available by the second quarter of 2010.

Mann said, “Changing the association’s name to more accurately reflect its mission will help ensure that it remains a leading education source for infrastructure professionals for years to come.”


UCTA’s purpose is to advance the science and practice of installing, repairing, maintaining and replacing utility lines and related facilities through construction and rehabilitation techniques. This includes municipal water, sewer and wastewater, gas distribution, oil gas transmission and gathering, telephone, electric and cable systems. The UCTA also serves to promote education, training, research, development and information concerning underground construction technology and to promote the use of that technology.

The new focus of the organization is nation-wide where companies face similar problems in the construction and maintenance of their underground piping systems.

The UCTA believes that education and technology development are the keys in underground utility work and that this, in turn, will enable our cities and towns to effectively manage their underground infrastructure with a minimum of disruption to the environment and the public.

“Organizations should join the new UCTA to gain information on existing and emerging technology in the trenchless industry,” said Mann. “They will gain insight into the direction trenchless technology is headed, from the point of view of municipalities, vendors, engineers and contractors.”

“UCTA is the most comprehensive organization for underground construction technology,” added McCrary. “Members can stay abreast of the latest developments through UCTA sponsored events such as the WaterWorks Conference, bi-monthly meetings, as well as current research conducted at the University of Houston and Louisiana Tech University.”

Current activities and support

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