Auger Boring: Equipment Spotlight

May 2013, Vol. 68 No. 5
Robbins now offers the Motorized Small Boring Unit (SBU-M) in casing diameters down to 30 inches.

Auger boring equipment from The Robbins Company, McLaughlin Group, ICON Tunnel Systems, American Augers, Akkerman, Bor-It Mfg. and Barbco.

The Robbins Company
Robbins now offers the Motorized Small Boring Unit (SBU-M) in casing diameters down to 30 inches. These innovative smaller SBU-Ms are remotely controlled and capable of boring through hard rock and mixed ground on crossings up to 500 feet. Equipped with laser-guided steering and vacuum spoil removal, they’re the most cost-effective solution for line-and-grade critical utility tunnels. The smaller SBU-M joins Robbins’ internationally-recognized product line of SBU-As, SBU-Ms, Rockheads, and ABMs. 440.248.3303,

McLaughlin Group
McLaughlin_equip spot4.jpg
The McLaughlin 54/50 auger delivers 950,000 pounds of forward thrust and 170,000 foot-pounds of peak torque in all soil types. The auger is ideally suited for cased auger boring projects ranging from 16 to 60 inches. The unit features three hydraulic rams that provide infinitely variable speed and a split design of the hydraulics and powertrain provides for easier and faster positioning. A patented Operator Presence Control hydraulic clutch reduces spin back. 800.435.9340,

ICON Tunnel Systems
ICON Tunnel Systems offers the BM600LS Pilot Tube Auger boring Machine from Bohrtec that can handle jacking pipe with maximum outside diameter of 48 inches. This machine boats 262 tons of jacking force, 112 tons of pull back force and 22,186 foot-pounds of torque making it the most powerful Pilot Tube Machine in the United States and Canada. These products are serviced and handled by ICON Tunnel Systems. 800.836.5011,

American Augers
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