August Newsline: Senate panel cuts EPA budget, update on sewer debt crisis

August 2009 Vol. 64 No. 8
David Haynes

The first leg of the 15-year, $2 billion project by the Metropolitan District (MDC) will include the construction of a 72-inch-diameter reinforced concrete conduit that will extend the current Homestead Avenue Interceptor from Walnut Street along a 3,000-lineal-foot alignment to a junction with an existing culvert located beneath Bushnell Park. The project will employ advanced micro-tunneling construction technology to mitigate impacts to adjacent businesses and traffic flows within the area affected by construction. Northeast Remsco Construction was awarded the general contract to build this project.

Once completed in November 2010, the tunnel will carry sewage away from the Upper Albany neighborhood, and storm water will be piped in separate lines to the Park River.

Eventually, storage tunnels will be built to collect excess water and the capacities of the treatment plant will more than double to 250 million gallons a day.

Canadian municipalities target Buy American movement

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities passed a resolution in June giving the United States government 120 days to broker a fair trade deal or face the consequences of U.S. companies being restricted from bidding on Canadian infrastructure projects. The resolution adopted by the Federation, representing over 90 percent of Canadian cities and townships, expressed support for procurement policies which favor free and fair trade, particularly for water and wastewater projects, by ensuring that goods and materials are procured “only from companies whose countries of origin do not impose trade restrictions against goods and materials manufactured in Canada.”

David Angelo, chairman of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association, had previously sent a letter to Congress and the White House warning of the risks associated with employing protectionist measures in the stimulus bill, noting that such measures “will ultimately serve to undermine our economy as it will demand retaliation by our largest trading partners.”

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