Bobcat M Series Skid-Steer Loaders

August 2009 Vol. 64 No. 8
The Bobcat S360

The lower rear frame of M Series loaders extends past the tailgate and protects the rear of the machine from obstacles, scrapes and bumps on the work site. The tailgate door now swings open to the left, which makes it easier to fuel the loader when it is mounted on a trailer.

Maintenance of M Series loaders has been simplified with a new hydraulic sight gauge that helps the operator quickly keep an eye on hydraulic oil levels, and end greased pivot pins at key points around the loader for simpler greasing of the pins.

The unique cab forward design not only makes the new loaders look different, it also serves the important purpose of moving the operator closer to the attachment and providing unmatched visibility in all directions.

Superior visibility is provided to the cutting edge of a bucket or the corners of an attachment because the cab door is the largest available on the market. The cab door threshold has been lowered and the overall surface of the door has increased more than 40 percent to provide improved visibility and make it easier for operators to enter and exit the cab. Windows on the sides and rear of the cab have also been increased in size to provide more visibility to the tires and to the rear.

Comfortable operators are more productive, and to create a better working environment, Bobcat increased the size of the cab by 10 percent, redesigned the interior to allow operators to adjust the environment to their individual preference and improved cab pressurization.

Noise is another factor affecting operator comfort, and Bobcat has reduced the sound level of M Series loaders by more than 60 percent. New engine mounts improve isolation to decrease vibration and reduce sound levels.

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