Bobcat's E60, E80 Excavators

August 2009 Vol. 64 No. 8
The Bobcat E80.

With minimal tail swing, these excavators can work in compact work environments and next to buildings or other obstructions. The E60 and E80 feature the Bobcat in track swing frame. The swing frame for the boom stays within the width of the tracks, making it even easier for the excavators to work in constricted job conditions.

Fast Facts

  • The need to grease the boom, arm and bucket pivot increased to once every 250 hours;
  • Spacious cab with operator seat that adjusts multiple ways provides ergonomic comfort suited to the individual;
  • High capacity heat and air conditioning system with five automotive style operation modes;
  • Attachments are changed quickly through a pin coupler system;
  • Polymer shims in lateral joints prevent pin wear and create tighter attachment work group;
  • Auto idle and electronic engine rpm control system help use fuel efficiently;
  • In track boom swing allows the operator to work in constricted conditions with confidence;
  • E60 has a dig depth of 13 feet, 7 inches and an operating weight of 13,556 pounds with rubber tracks; and
  • E80 has a dig depth of 15 feet, 6 inches and an operating weight of 18,689 pounds with rubber tracks.