Bore-Tek Overcomes Challenges, Obstacles, Tragedy

December 2008 Vol. 63 No. 12
Bore-Tek workers on site

“The accident occurred less than a mile from where the crew was to make a bore with the new machine,” says Thompson. “Naming the new machine was one of the last acts he made for our company. The machine – and the name he gave it – reminds us of Bryan and what he meant to the company and to us personally.”

Needless to say, the next few weeks were a hardship for the crew emotionally. “Ironically,” says Thompson, “one of bores remaining to be done on the project was at the intersection where Bryan’s accident had occurred.”

Ultimately the project required 23 bores ranging in length from 90 to 1,350 feet with the average being approximately 600 feet. Depths were from 6 to 21 feet. All bores were made with the JT7020 and JT8020 machines.

The narrow, two lane road bordered by the huge trees allowed little room to work, but the project was completed without ever closing the road to traffic, except for brief periods while equipment was being moved.

Soil conditions varied from course sand to marine clay and the pilot holes was nine inches in diameter. Two back reaming passes were required to enlarge the pilot hole to 38 inches for product pull in.

The final phase of this project included 5,208 feet of pipe installed in nine separate bores.

“This segment was completed in 30 days, which ended our portion of the project three days early,” says Thompson. “This level of production was not accomplished without overcoming obstacles that included sink holes and breaking of the shaft of the reamer.”

Bore Tek drilling crews remain busy today on a variety of projects.

“We now concentrate on competitively bidding and successfully completing projects in North and South Carolina and Georgia, mostly within a two hundred mile radius of our home base in Charleston,” says Thompson. “Hard work and team effort have earned our reputation as a company being able to attempt most any bore project and find a way to get it done, earning the respect of local municipalities, engineering firms, and general contractors. We have successfully executed shots as short as 50 feet for 1 to 1 1/4 inch conduit installations to distances of 1,350 feet of 24 inch pipe and 1,435 feet of 20 inch pipe.

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