Cat Vertical-Lift 259B Series 3 Is Powerful, Agile

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

The new 259B3 is a high-performance, highly maneuverable addition to the Cat Compact Track Loader (CTL) range.

By combining its small-frame CTL platform with the Cat C3.4T DIT engine, high breakout forces and strong auxiliary hydraulic performance, Caterpillar designed the 259B3 as a "power dense" machine capable of taking on the toughest jobs in confined spaces. With features such as an independent, fully suspended steel undercarriage, aggressive steel embedded rubber tracks, powerful hydraulics and refined operator's station, the 259B3 completes the CTL line by providing a durable, versatile machine that works productively in poor soils and harsh environments.

At 35 percent tipping load, rated operating capacity for the 259B3 is 2,065 pounds, and 2,950 pounds at 50 percent tipping load, increasing to 3,000 pounds with the optional counterweight. Vertical-lift loader linkage gives the new CTL 120 inches of lift height, in combination with excellent reach, for easy truck loading and precise material placement.

Rated at 71 net horsepower, the 259B3 is powered by the C3.4T DIT engine, which complies with U.S. EPA Tier-4 Interim and E.U. Stage-3A emissions regulations. This engine delivers ample speed and torque in difficult applications, and combined with the Cat anti-stall system, the 259B3 can operate at part-throttle, reducing fuel consumption and lowering sound levels.

Durable, easy-riding undercarriage
The 259B3 is the only machine in its class with a standard, independent, fully suspended undercarriage. Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, the undercarriage uses four heavy-duty torsion axles (concentric tubular members buffered by an elastomeric material). These extremely durable axles move independently to isolate the machine chassis from the undercarriage and absorb much of the shock from rough-terrain operation.

Two heavy-duty, two-speed hydraulic motors power the 259B3's planetary final drives, which drive single-piece steel sprockets. The 259B3 can be equipped with either 12.6-inch tracks or 15.7 inch tracks, which yield a ground pressure of 6.0 psi and 5.0 psi.

High-performance hydraulics
Hydraulic pumps for the 259B3's implement system (boom and bucket) and auxiliary system (for powering work tools) are driven directly from the engine, eliminating intermediate drive belts. The auxiliary system supplies oil flow up to 22 gpm at pressures to 3,335 psi, generating a calculated hydraulic-horsepower rating of 42.8.

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