Cat Vertical-Lift 259B Series 3 Is Powerful, Agile

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

The 259B3 is equipped with Cat ToughGuard XT hydraulic hoses, for additional abrasion resistance, and auxiliary lines (with heavy-duty, flat-face quick couplers) are attached to the lift arm. A universal work-tool coupler is standard equipment, and an optional hydraulically actuated coupler is available.

Operator comfort
Designed for optimal comfort, convenience and safety, the 259B3's spacious operator's compartment features low-effort, pilot-control joysticks—the right controlling lift and tilt functions, and the left, direction and speed. The joysticks provide precise proportional control of auxiliary-hydraulic functions, and optional deluxe joysticks expand the 259B3's capability with control over work-took electrical functions. Both joystick choices provide the convenience of one-touch control of continuous or intermittent auxiliary flow.

The standard open ROPS canopy (with top and rear windows) can be fitted with a cab door, side windows, suspension seat, heater and air conditioning. With both hand and foot throttles as standard equipment, the 259B3 can be set for constant-speed operation (trenching or milling, for instance), or speed can be varied (truck loading and load-and-carry). An anti-stall system is designed to prevent engine stalling, even at part-throttle, by constantly balancing speed and torque demands.

The redesigned dead-engine lower valve further promotes safe operation by providing an easier-to-use, more-positive means of lowering the lift arms, allowing safe exit for the operator, if the machine should run out of fuel or the engine stall with the lift arms raised. 309.675.1000,

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