Challenging HDD Project Provides 10,000-Foot Record-Setting Crossing

March 2009 Vol. 64 No. 3

The 12 ¼-inch pilot hole was opened to 42 inches in a single pass with the custom designed hole opener. This bore ran parallel and 33 feet to the side of the 32-inch bore that was completed in mid-2008 for the oil trunkline.

After a cleaning run and hole conditioning procedures the pipe was pulled through in a 36-hour operation using the recently patented LFPP (Low Friction Pipe Pulling) procedure. The pull was completed on Jan. 12.
On completion of the project, the record setting results reflect that a larger more difficult bore was completed with a drastic reduction in trips, drilling tools, passes and therefore a significant overall reduction in cost.

Much of the success of this and other recent record bores is due to a select group of HDD tool manufacturers who are dedicated to supplying engineered solutions for this unique industry.

According to a Transco spokesman, with this new generation of tools, new size and length records will continue to be set.

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