Changing The Communication Landscape Through Construction

By Chad Gamble Public Service Director City of Lansing, MI | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3

As the 2010 construction season approaches, the city of Lansing knows the bar has been raised for underground construction success and communication. The CSO Control Program is not only changing the way the city operates below the surface; it’s changing the future of waterways and the heart of Michigan as a whole. Consider the long-term, positive impacts of the underground construction in your area and get talking. Good news travels fast!

About the author:

Chad Gamble, P.E., is the director of public service for the city of Lansing, MI. He has worked for 12 years with the CSO Control Program, and currently works as a liaison between engineers, contractors and external agencies for the project. Prior to his promotion to director of public service, Gamble worked as the assistant city engineer in charge of the city of Lansing’s $176 million CSO Control Program and $300 million Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program.