Changing Of The Guard At DCA

Dennis Kennedy Retires As Executive Director After 20 Years Of Leadership
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2010 Vol. 65 No. 1
Retiring executive vice president Dennis Kennedy.

The association provides members with a labor relations service, negotiating collective bargaining and national distribution agreements and maintains alliances with other industry groups to pool resources, ideas and information in order to help members operate their businesses more efficiently.

More Than A Job
Reflecting on his 20 years with DCA, recently retired Executive Vice President Dennis Kennedy makes clear his time at DCA was much more than a job.

"DCA has given me fulfillment both personally and professionally, and from my standpoint the fit was perfect," said Kennedy. "When Dale Michels of Michels Pipeline Inc. called me in October 1989 to tell me that I been chosen as the successor to Jim Upton, DCA's managing director the previous 28 years, I could never have imagined the positive impact it would have on my life. Being part of the DCA has been a true joy and a wonderful experience. DCA has been an extension of my family. My daughter, Sarah, grew up in the organization and has enjoyed the love and nurturing of the members for most of her life. My wife Regan embraced the DCA unequivocally and in return the members have admired and respected her incredible loyalty, hard work and loving nature. Needless to say, I would not have been successful without Regan's support. I can be replaced, Regan will be a tough act to follow.

"I am very proud of the tremendous work and the professional quality of the staff. Not only the current staff members: Teri Korson, 16 years as administrative services manager; Melissa Leslie, meetings and membership manager for six years, Candace Green, one and a half years as our publication manager, but those who preceded them in my early years and made wonderful contributions. During my tenure, there is no doubt that the staff worked harder and more efficiently than any group that I have been associated with in over 30 years of association management.

"Now that our time is over at DCA, I am so grateful to know that I have had the opportunity to work with so many leaders in this industry and to have represented the DCA to the best of my abilities. Regan and I have made many lifelong friends that I hope to continue to see, so the DCA journey will not end for us."


Distribution Contractors Association, (972) 680-0261,

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