CIGMAT Report: Update From This Unique, Industry-Specific Ongoing Research Program

By C. Vipulanadan, PhD, P.E., professor of Civil Engineering, director of CIGMAT and the Texas Hurricane Center for THC-IT | September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
1) Macro-cells 2) Macro-holes in the Macro-cell walls 3) Macro-cell walls. Fig. 1: Microstructure of a polyurethane grout.

The CIGMAT Research Center provides manufacturers the testing facilities to test pipe joints. To date, CIGMAT researchers have tested clay, concrete, Hobas pipe and PVC pipe joints. For more information about the testing facilities, contact CIGMAT at

About the author:
C. Vipulanadan, PhD, P.E., is a chairman and professor at the University of Houston, and director of CIGMAT and the Texas Hurricane Center for Innovative Technology (THC-IT) ( The CIGMAT research center is a joint university-industry consortium.

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