CIPP, Insituform Celebrate 40th Anniversary

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1
Insituform recently completed one of the largest North American CIPP projects to date in Sacramento, CA.

“We were colleagues and became close friends, and I learned a lot working with him,” said Driver. “Eric Wood never saw a problem as a problem, but rather as an opportunity, and he instilled that attitude in those around him.”

Driver said his first decade at Insituform was occupied improving the original product.

“Among other things,” he said, “we worked on resins, improved quality control in manufacturing, obtained new patents on the installation process that eliminated the need for scaffolding to create an inversion head.”

Other advances cited by Driver include the capability to rehabilitate larger size pipes -- up to 96 inches in diameter; steam curing of resins which is faster, saving time on installations and which uses 95 percent less water; improving the process for reinstating laterals; and development of a CIPP lateral rehabilitation process.

“Much of my work,” Driver said, “has been developing better ways to install liners,
to get more in the ground in less time and then reinstate laterals faster so service can
be restored. We have improved processes and greatly increased production. In the early days, a crew would do two or three installations a week. Today it isn’t unusual for a crew to complete two or three installation per day, and some have installed more than one mile of tube in one week.

“To address these tasks, I was fortunate to be allowed to assemble a team which included Lynn Osborn and Rick Baxter, eastern region operator managers, currently with Insituform for 26 and 25 years respectively. We developed procedures so that now when curing begins, a crew can move to the next job and get started. We can do more in less time, and there is less ‘wasted’ time.”

Perfect opportunity
Looking back, Driver said he believes when he joined Insituform, he was in the right place at the right time.

“That’s true of our engineers today, too, I believe,” he added. “We continue to be innovative and our company recognizes the value in innovation. It is good for the company and good for the environment. I retired in June, but continue to work with Insituform as a consultant -- in part because I enjoy my association with our younger engineers. They are enthusiastic about the future of this industry and our finding solutions to our everyday challenges.”
Insituform builds much of the specialized equipment needed for the process; boiler trucks, for example.

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