CIPP, Insituform Celebrate 40th Anniversary

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1
Insituform recently completed one of the largest North American CIPP projects to date in Sacramento, CA.

Expansion is occurring in non-utility markets. Insituform Technologies today is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating not only sewer and water, but energy and mining piping systems, corrosion protection of industrial pipelines and is a pioneer in trenchless technology providing affordable, long-term, less-disruptive solutions.

Insituform, (800) 234-2992,

Insituform Timeline
1971 Insituform is incorporated and completes first commercial CIPP installation.
1976 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues seminal patents to Insituform.
1980 Insituform North America is established in Memphis, TN.
1982 The first U.S. manufacturing facility opens and Insituform Mid-America is
established, later becoming the largest U.S. licensee.
1983 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certifies CIPP as a viable method for
lining sewer pipelines.
1984 First over-the-hole wetout.
1988 Batesville,MS tube manufacturing plant opens.
1992 Insituform Technologies is formed.
1995 Insituform management system received ISO certification.
1997 Insituform Technologies moves to St. Louis, MO. Insituform enters drinking
water market.
1999 Insituform expands globally.
2003 Insituform introduces iPlus composite.
2004 iPlus Infusion introduced
2007 Insituform expands Asia-Pacific operations.
2009 Insitumain introduced
2010 WRc approves industry certification.