CIPP Lining A Cost-Effective Solution For Corroded Concrete Pipes

By Thomas R. Fuszard | July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7
A piece of the corroded pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe that was removed from the job.

Having the proper liner made a big difference, Klappa-Sullivan said, adding that they needed a liner that was able to stand up to all the ground forces. “The structural liner that Visu-Sewer used, which comes from National Liner, is as good as any pipe you would put in the ground.”

Public works projects, especially those involving roads, tend to generate calls from citizens. This project was no different, though response was minimal. Lui said he received a couple of calls concerning Visu-Sewer’s trucks running overnight. Klappa-Sullivan added that Visu-Sewer, by limiting itself to just three access points, helped in this regard. “The city of Racine was pleased at how it worked out,” she said.

Valuable lessons
Alexander said this rehabilitation project offers valuable lessons for utility districts that use reinforced concrete pipe for sanitary sewage. “Make sure you inspect the pipeline on a three- to five-year rotating basis,” he said, “and document those segments that might be of concern. Inspect them more often if you suspect a problem.”

He recommends that utilities look for contractors with the expertise in this area. These are challenging projects, he said. An experienced contractor will make sure the construction process is organized and flows smoothly.

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Visu-Sewer, (800) 876-8478,
National Liner, (281)874.0111,
Reesman’s Excavating & Grading Inc.,
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