CNH Construction CEO/president addresses House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

McCullough pointed out that, although AEM members have started to see some impact from the highway bill and other stimulus spending, funding is “as the committee is well aware, far below the required investment needs. We know that construction has lifted this country out of prior economic recessions. Now, we need to invest in what we know works to build both economic momentum and an infrastructure that will create long-term value for all of us.”

He said the emphasis on “shovel-ready” projects resulted in the majority of early investment going to road resurfacing, reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing bridges and roadways. “A long-term transportation bill will provide critical funding for ‘bulldozer-ready’ projects with the continuing benefit of easing congestion and more efficiently moving people and goods.”

McCullough said an investment in infrastructure would yield jobs faster and more surely than investment in almost any other sector. “That’s because improving America’s roads, rail and airways involves construction, and construction puts contractors and laborers to work at good-paying, high-value jobs. At the same time, it puts people to work in manufacturing—at plants across America like our CNH world-class facilities in Fargo, N.D.; Wichita, Kan.; Calhoun, Ga., and Burlington, Iowa,” he said. CNH employees are supporting AEM’s “I Make America” campaign by logging in to

McCullough said CNH appreciates the current administration’s recognition of the importance of reauthorizing the multi-year highway bill. “We hope to see senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle join the president in supporting investment in our nation’s infrastructure—for jobs today and expanded opportunities tomorrow,” he said. He concluded by asking the chairman for his and the Committee’s support in helping end the continuing uncertainty in the North American construction market. He thanked the committee for its leadership in developing a long-range reauthorization proposal and encouraged timely enactment.

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