Compact Work Under The Ocean In Miami

April 2013, Vol. 68 No. 4

Bobcat 3400XL utility vehicles add more site maneuverability in the confined tunnel, says Chris Hodgkins, president of general contractor MAT Concessionaire LLC. The company purchased their own 3400XL to transport crews, inspection teams and tours of visiting media and dignitaries -- including U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

“The 3400XL is our contractor’s vehicle of choice for getting in and out of the tunnel. Because there’s a five-degree grade and the lowest point is 120 feet below sea level, we needed something quick, durable and reliable,” Hodgkins says.

The T300 is helping spread a cement-treated base and grading approximately 100-linear feet per day, which Hernandez says will eventually form the permanent road surface. “It is a very constrained space but the Bobcat loader is good because it can also move fast despite the restriction,” Hernandez says.

Compact productivity
On the mainland, the compact track loader is typically fitted with a bucket, a pallet fork or a sweeper to perform a variety of earthmoving and cleaning roles around the tunnel worksite’s limited space. Frequently, it is tasked with grading areas prior to crews pouring slabs or building service roads. Another daily function is removing backfill from an earthen wall. It also cleans the truck wheel washer bay, transferring multiple loads of accumulated site mud and debris to a spoil basin.

Hernandez has confidence in using the agile 81-horsepower compact track loader for any job involving earthwork, partly due to the track system’s combination of flotation and traction in mud and other challenging soil conditions. “The tracks help with maneuverability because the soil is sometimes sandy,” Hernandez adds.

The versatility of the E50 compact excavator’s attachments, including a hydraulic breaker, allows Bouygues Civil Works Florida crews to break up rock and existing pavement. The unit’s 12-inch trenching bucket and advanced hydraulics are used to dig trenches for the simultaneous installation of up to three utilities.

The compact excavator’s high breakout force assists operators in building a berm around the site’s spoil basin. It also is excavating a bed for the construction of site ponds, and is called upon again to perform the ponds’ finish work. “It is a versatile piece of equipment,” Hernandez says.

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