Company Finds Many Applications For Hydro-Excavating

April 2013, Vol. 68 No. 4
A Goliath Hydro-Vac crew at a NuStar Energy pumping and storage facility near Wolsey, SD.

Volk specified that his units be mounted on optional Kenworth truck chassis, with 500-hp engines, automatic transmissions, navigation systems, dual intake/dual exhaust, cab upgrades including high-end upholstery, and a variety of chrome and stainless steel trim.

“The transmissions are a $12,000 option, but it’s worth it for the wear and tear it saves on our drivers, and for avoiding maintenance expenses on manual transmissions; for example, no clutch burn-outs and no clutch plate adjustments are needed,” Volk said. “We also specify the three-axle configuration to handle heavy loads and for better stability on the road. We have a new Vactor 2112 HXX with a quad axle on order which will let us haul another three tons. That’s a big boost in productivity when you have to haul excavated material to a remote site for disposal, which is something we do in about half of our jobs.”

An industry leader in sewer and catch basin cleaners, Vactor Manufacturing produces a wide range of combination sewer cleaners and jetters for sewer line maintenance, as well as specialty products including vacuum excavators. Celebrating more than 100 years of providing customers around the world with a wide range of material handling equipment, Vactor has one of the largest and most developed distributor networks in the sewer cleaning industry, with more than 50 North American distributors and more than 100 locations.


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