Complex Project Requires Slide Rail Shoring System

November 2009 Vol. 64 No. 11
Chris Acord is the construction manager for Pipeline Utilities Inc.

The steel sheeting guides were needed due to the presence of the existing lines, and is an added benefit to the SBH slide rail system. Steel sheeting guides acts as slide rail panels and can be inserted along the tracks in the slide rail. A sheeting guide is inserted along the base of the excavation and at the top of the excavation. The area between the sheeting guides remain open and is shored once steel sheets are inserted along grooves in the sheeting guides. The benefit to this design is that the sheets can be inserted around existing lines, which helps to mitigate the effect of crossing or existing utility lines.

The system helped minimize the time spent installing and removing the shoring system so that as much time as possible on the project could be devoted to performing the actual removal and upgrade of storm water lines.

Through a thorough planning phase and attention to detail, the slide rail system was installed without incidents. Reflecting on the project, Acord said, "In this project scenario, the slide rail system was the best option and worked just as advertised.”

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