Contractor Finds Success Embracing Island’s Pristine Environment

September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

In addition to a dedicated crew to support production of the main line being completed by the D20x24 drill, Farrissey will enlist a second crew to complete some of the laterals using piercing tools. This is most effective for some of the short laterals situated under narrow driveways or similar shots, and an approach that helps them maximize production rates given the timeframe established for completing the project, shorter daylight hours and winter temperatures. However, depending on the situation, the laterals will also be installed using the drill.

“It can get very cold and temperature affects the ability to maintain the integrity of the mud mix, which is critical for successfully navigating this sand,” Farrissey says. “We tried to work a 600-foot shot every day on the main because that worked well with a good time cycle for us to shoot out and pull back.”

The HDD/piercing tool combo approach also helps minimize disturbances to the integrity of the surface, a critical factor for completing any job on Martha’s Vineyard given Farrissey’s awareness of residents’ sensitivity for maintaining things as they are.

“In the neighborhoods we’re working in to complete this project, there are only two year-round residents occupying all of the homes affected by this installation upgrade,” Farrissey says. “We’re talking about homes that exceed $2 million in property value. When the seasonal residents return in the spring, the majority won’t even know we were here. The work will have been completed with literally no disruption or visual evidence that a new sewer line was installed. That’s our goal, and by using this combination installation approach, I can guarantee, barring some unforeseen complication, it’s a goal we will certainly be able to achieve.”

Competitors come, go
Farrissey is also proud of his company’s track record of completing hundreds of new installations and upgrades to existing infrastructure on Martha’s Vineyard over the years, and having done so with an ardent respect for the residents’ desire to maintain the environmental integrity of their island treasure. He is also quick to credit trenchless methodologies as a critical component to the success of Farrissey Telecom.

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