Corrosive Environment Forces Innovative Solutions In Denver

September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9
A manhole after rehabilitation.

Because of the severe condition of the manholes, Fisher Company proposed using fully structural SewerShield composite manhole inserts on all standard manholes which would virtually eliminate existing manhole barrel sections and cones.

After rebuilding base, benches and invert areas, SewerShield 100 epoxy was applied (see below for a step-by-step description of the rehabilitation process).

SewerShield 100 is a 100 percent solids solvent free epoxy system designed with 98 percent acid resistance and providing superior performance in adverse wastewater environments. In addition to manholes, it is used for applications that include wet wells, grit chambers, headwork channels, clarifiers, acid containment, thickeners, sewage piping, floors and other areas exposed to hydrogen sulfide.

SewerShield composite manhole inserts are manufactured using the same SewerShield 100 and SewerShield 150 epoxy resins reinforced with fiberglass to provide a stand alone manhole system that is H 20 load certified.

"Overall," said Maier, "we are very happy with the expert workmanship, innovative thinking and attention to detail that Fisher Company provided Metro Wastewater on this challenging project. The SewerShield epoxy and composite manhole inserts are rehabilitation products of the highest quality, designed to withstand severe wastewater conditions and corrosive environments. I am confident that we have finally installed a permanent, structural rehabilitation solution to the South Thornton Interceptor corrosion problems."

Fisher Company Inc., Granby CO, is an infrastructure construction services company certified to install a variety of structural lining products designed for highly corrosive environments in both new and existing structures. Fisher Company promotes its rehabilitation processes as having the potential for a cost savings to project owners with minimal impact to existing facilities. Fisher Company is a certified applicator for Environmental Coatings and SewerShield composite products.

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