Crawler Tractor and Pipelayers (Sideboom): Equipment Spotlight

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
The John Deere 850K crawler dozer

John Deere
The John Deere 850K crawler dozer features a new Interim Tier 4 engine, duel-patch hydrostatics and an outside dozer blade. Viscous cab mounts reduce noise to the operator’s ear by 45 percent. The John Deere PowerTech 6.8-L IT4 diesel provides either 187 hp or 205 hp at 1,800 rpm, and provides better low-end performance and quicker recovery when operating in the 1,500-1,800-rpm range. A hydrostatic transmission gives customers infinite speed control, power management, live power turns, counter rotation while staying in gear and dynamic braking. A new outside dozer blade has a three-hole blade pitch with screw-type fine-tune adjustment for infinite settings and sloped cross-members provide lateral strength and superior visibility to the rear of the blade. Its raised position allows back-dragging. 309.765.1859,

Volvo CE

Volvo_equip spot1.jpg
The excavator-based design of the Volvo PL3005D pipelayer allows for 360-degree performance, versatility and transportability over traditional pipelayers with a side boom. To increase productivity, the Volvo PL3005D allows for smooth, precise, and efficient load positioning anywhere around the machine, just like an excavator. These pipelayers also feature a mechanical, upper-structure swing lock for use when working on severe grades. The undercarriage system allows for counter-rotation of the tracks for easy positioning and directional change of the machine. One key benefit of the new Volvo PL3005D is the cost-saving versatility of its design. When not being used for pipe laying, the Volvo PL3005D can be converted into a high-production excavator for standard excavation by swapping the boom in a short period of time. 828.650.2000,

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