Custom Trench Shield Spreader Arch Delivered In 5 Days

April 2009 Vol. 64 No. 4
The stacked trench shields are 10 by 28 and 4-by-28-foot boxes with 16-foot spreaders on front, high clearance arch on back

Added West: “A pin in place spreader arch is nothing new. What made this arch unique is that we designed it to pin over the collars of both trench shields, essentially locking the two shields together which made it easier to pull the box through the trench. But the arch could also be used with just one trench shield.”

The stacked trench shields were Efficiency Production’s HT 6 10 by 28 and 4 by 28-foot boxes with 16-foot spreaders on the front end, and high clearance arch on the back end.

The job requires laying approximately 550 joints of the 8-foot long pipe. Each stick of pipe weighs approximately 45,000 pounds, so a Caterpillar 385 excavator is used to move pipe joints from the truck directly into the trench. Whitaker is getting eight to 10 pieces of pipe installed a day. They are also installing three cast in place structures, including two ground pipe-to-box culvert transition structures.

The project started Dec. 26, 2008 and is scheduled to be completed in August 2009.

Whitaker Construction Company has been in the underground utility business for 56 years and are still a family-owned company.

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