Dallas’ CIP Program Presented At UCTA

December 2010 Vol. 65 No. 12

Charles Stringer, assistant director of Water Operations for the Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, TX, did double duty when he delivered presentations at two chapter meetings for the Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA). Attendees at the Gulf Coast Chapter meeting held in Houston on Oct. 12 and those who attended the new North Texas Chapter meeting in Euless, TX, on Oct. 14 had the opportunity to hear about the city of Dallas’ recommended 2010 Capital Improvement Plan.

As assistant director, Stringer is responsible for the operation of the watershed including seven reservoirs, three purification plants, 21 high service pump stations, distribution system and meter repair and replacement. Dallas Water Utilities currently serves 2.3 million people, including Dallas and 27 customer cities, in addition to DFW Airport.

“We’re trying to invest as much in rehabilitation as we can,” commented Stringer. “The city has a lot of old pipe that is now breaking.”

The CIP includes four categories:
• Regulatory ($13.8 million);
• Growth ($71.2 million);
• Rehab and Replacement ($226.5 million); and
• Work for Others ($34.8 million).

Major 2010-11 projects include:
• Pipeline Replacement Program ($127 million)
• Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Pump Station ($58 million)
• Walcrest Pump Station and Reservoir Improvements ($36 million)
• Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements ($20 million)
• Right of Way acquisitions for Water Transmission Main from East Side Water Treatment Plant ($10 million)

A proposed 4.2 percent retail rate increase will be charged to offset the additional costs.

UCTA, www.uctaonline.org