Damage Prevention/Safety Program Enjoys Strong Start At UCT

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3
Inside the classroom at a UCT 2010 education session.

Locating Existing Underground Utilities for Tie Ins, Loren Snyder, P.E., Fluor Corp., included information about locating procedures utilized in subsurface utility engineering planning steps to effectively map positions of underground facilities.

Darren Wertz, safety manager for NPL Construction, Courtland, IL, attended most sessions and found all beneficial.

"It is valuable to review all confined space entry standards and requirements required by OSHA," he related.

Jim Timberlake, president of Ted Berry Co., Livermore, ME, said safety is a vital priority with his company which specializes in trenchless construction and rehabilitation projects.

"We never start a job without the proper safety procedures being in place, and coming to events such as this one is a good way to be sure we have all the latest information," he said.

Said Brenda Perry, TECO Peoples Gas, St. Petersburg, FL: "I'm in engineering and also damage facility coordinator for my division, and I came looking for new techniques to use in investigations of damages that will benefit my company. I'm very pleased with the sessions."

Locator Certification Seminar
The day long Staking University Certification Seminar provided students with the basics of locating underground utilities and obtaining accurate and complete location data. Training included instruction on locating equipment, location date, troubleshooting techniques and other skills necessary to pass Staking's certification test. The session was a condensed version of the course presented at Staking University's campus and client facilities throughout the year.

"We had a good group attending the seminar and its size facilitated individual contact with those enrolled," said Mike Parilac, Staking University president and senior instructor. "As a result of the session, two of the companies represented will schedule full seminar sessions for locating personnel, one at our campus, and the other at the client's facilities."

Students used a 40 by 90 foot area on the exhibit floor, designated the DPS Zone, that included an under floor grid enabling participants to locate simulated underground utilities.

"I truly enjoyed being a part of your Staking U class at UCT," said Patina Johnson, Damage Prevention Department, TECO Peoples Gas, Fort Myers, FL. AI walked away with much knowledge on the mechanics of the locating instruments as well as ways to provide better locates."

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